The best clinics and surgeons for rhinoplasty

Many people believe that rhinoplasty surgery is not complicated and does not require great skills from the surgeon. But it is not so, such operations are technically complex, with unpredictable results. They are performed only by experienced and highly qualified doctors.

rhinoplasty operating room

How to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon

The nose is an important organ responsible for the thermoregulation of incoming air, for "clean" breathing, and it also performs an olfactory function. If difficulties arise during the procedure, the consequences will not appear immediately, but after a while. Therefore, it is important to choose not only a clinic, but also a highly professional doctor.

About clinic reviews

The reviews left on the clinic's websites are not always true, there are positive personalized reviews to raise the rating. Therefore, it is better to focus on reliable sources or select doctors on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. There are several ground rules for how you can understand that a review is purchased. Ways to recognize custom reviews:

  • missing photographs;
  • the review is small, just general phrases;
  • typical reviews are on other sites.

Auto selection

If there are no patients of aesthetic medicine among your acquaintances, independently find as much information as possible about the operation, where it is better to have rhinoplasty and which doctor is suitable for it. Search information:

  1. Make a list of the plastic surgeons in your city who perform this type of procedure (if you live in a large metropolitan area, the list will be long). Of course, you can expand the list to include doctors from other cities and countries, but it is advisable to start with the city where you live.
  2. Collection of additional information. Detailed information about each specialist is published on the center's website, so see the length of service, skill level, types of operations performed, availability of certificates and documents proving advanced training, and other interesting facts. Most applicants must be removed from the list received.
  3. Personal communication. Once you've chosen several doctors for you, be sure to sign up for a personal consultation with them. During personal communication, clarify issues of interest to you, see how the doctor behaves, if you like to communicate with him. It's up to you to choose, so you must listen to yourself, to your feelings.

If the doctor has a portfolio of videos, be sure to watch the appropriate videos, this will show how professionally the doctor performs the procedures, how he approaches clients' situations, and what the outcome is.

service cost

The services of a highly qualified rhinoplasty cannot be cheap, consider this when choosing. Free of charge, such operations are performed only when you receive an acute facial injury (fracture of the nose) or who have persistent nasal obstruction due to nasal septum deformity. In other cases, the rhinoplasty surgery will be paid for.

Large plastic surgery centers often organize possible promotions, contests, where there is a chance for a free operation or a discount on the service. This is also worth taking advantage of. However, even in this case, before the procedure, consult your doctor about possible contraindications and consequences.

Periodically, doctors perform free operations when they improve their skills or change to new methods of work (there is no experience of such operations yet), or the patient has an interesting case that will help rhinoplasty to move up the career ladder and improve their skills .

The best rhinoplasty surgeons

Consider the most sought-after rhinoplasty doctors in the world.

World Rhinoplasty (best surgeons)

Oscar Ramirez (USA)

Leading plastic surgeon in the world. Over 30 years of experience, he performs operations of varying complexity. Also published in popular publications, he is active in medical activities.

Enrico Robotti (Italy)

The qualifications of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and other achievements make Enrico the most popular doctor in Italy. More than 30 years of experience. Rhinoplasty is most often done openly. Vice-President of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe.

Wolfgang Gubish (Germany)

An ENT doctor of the highest category, he holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Würzburg. He only performs open rhinoplasty.

Yves Saban (France)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, MD, guest speaker at numerous world conferences in Algeria, Asia, etc. It performs operations only in a closed form. The cost of the procedures varies according to the complexity.

Yeghiazaryan Gevorg Yurievich (Armenia)

Every year he improves his qualifications, has the latest medical achievements in the field of open and closed rhinoplasty. He works in primary and secondary rhinoplasty.

Yatskevich Oleg Stepanovich (Belarus)

Associate Professor of the highest rank, candidate for medical sciences. He completed an internship in Italy, knows innovative methods of working in plastic surgery, performs operations of varying complexity.

How to choose the right plastic surgery center

An operation like rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure, where it is best to do it, choose carefully. A prerequisite for visiting the center is that the institution has a license to carry out this type of activity. It is also worth paying attention to the interior of the clinic, as it is pleasant to be inside the room.

Criteria for choosing a plastic surgery center

To select an institution, you can use several criteria, consider the most basic of them:

  • availability of officially confirmed licenses and other documents necessary for the execution of activities;
  • after computer modeling of the future shape of the nose, a professional will not guarantee 100% similarity. There is always the possibility to change the shape of the nose by a few millimeters;
  • before the procedure, it is mandatory to carry out a medical examination of the upper and lower respiratory tract and other examinations prescribed by the doctor;
  • the service catalog must contain real photos of the patients; if a new technology is being introduced and there are still no visible results, it is worth looking for another cosmetology center;
  • it is mandatory to conclude an agreement with the center, otherwise, if complaints arise, you will not be able to file them.

The plastic and rhinoplast clinics of the world discussed in the article will help you decide on choosing a doctor. Apply in person for a consultation with a doctor before entering into an agreement with a specific plastic surgery center.