Nose after rhinoplasty at different times

To understand what difficulties people will have to face when deciding to have a nose plastic surgery to eliminate existing birth defects or traumatic defects, it is necessary to perform rhinoplasty the day after the surgery.

nose change after rhinoplasty

The recovery process requires strict compliance with the instructions of the attending physician, the use of the entire set of tools to ensure rapid recovery.

Rhinoplasty photos per day from our portfolio visually demonstrate how the patient's appearance changes at regular intervals.

What does the nose look like immediately after rhinoplasty?

At the consultation, the doctor will explain in detail what are the problems that the patient will face.

The result of the rhinoplasty right after the plastic surgeon finishes the job is not very beautiful. Bruising and swelling can scare an unprepared person.

A careless attitude, not following the doctor's recommendations, the use of folk remedies can cause serious complications that require a second operation. With the correct behavior, the patient will shorten the recovery period.

Important: surgical intervention cannot go without a response from the body. The reaction of the patient's body is always individual. Rhinoplasty immediately after surgery requires careful prophylaxis for pain, swelling and bruising to disappear as quickly as possible.

Following the rhinoplasty on a daily basis, you can see how the face changes, the shape of the nose acquires contrasting contours, the profile is perfect.

Nose after day rhinoplasty

Each recovery period after plastic surgery plays an important role in the final configuration of the new nose contours. The correct therapy will help the healing process as smoothly as possible.

  • First day after rhinoplasty

    There is no need to pay attention to the emerging swelling, bruising. This is normal. In addition, each person's body reacts differently to the operation. Some patients look almost normal, others swell a lot. Bruises can be almost invisible or spread over most of the face. In the first days after rhinoplasty, you will need to breathe exclusively through your mouth, as the nasal passages are well compressed to maintain shape and reduce swelling. A plaster splint is attached over the nose. The patient can eat and perform hygiene procedures on their own after 1-2 hours. When washing, it is necessary to ensure that no water gets into the splint.

  • Rhinoplasty 2 days

    It is necessary to carefully treat each postoperative suture with an antiseptic, be sure to take all medications that promote rapid healing of the tissue according to the prescribed schedule. Monitor the condition of the stitches, if there is pain or discomfort, immediately contact your doctor for examination and consultation. Columella, the vestibule of the nose, should be treated regularly with a special gel or cream. A weak saline solution will help prevent the formation of scabs and excess mucus in the nasal cavity. Washing is carried out regularly on a schedule.

  • Rhinoplasty day 3

    The turundas are removed, which allows you to breathe freely through the nose, the patient feels relief, the swelling gradually passes. However, mild nasal congestion remains. You cannot practice physical education, you can only rest while sitting, your head should be as high as possible.

  • Rhinoplasty Day 5

    Breathing through your nose becomes comfortable. If before that there was a little bleeding after removing the turundum, then they stopped completely. When moving around the apartment, you don't feel dizzy, the congestion gradually disappears. Swallowing is better, the vacuum does not put pressure on the eardrums with each meal.

  • Rhinoplasty 7 days

    The state of health improves rapidly. Rhinoplasty a week later requires a medical examination. He removes the first seam, a piece of the bottom patch. You can now meet freely with friends, take a walk or shop. The clinic makes splints to make them look like a real work of art. The sensitivity of the nose is almost completely restored, new contours are gradually drawn. The nose after the rhinoplasty in a week already looks good, despite the slight swelling.

  • Rhinoplasty day 10

    The plaster splint is removed. You can carefully examine the nose, get used to the new contours. However, you should not expect the changes to end completely. Rhinoplasty is a long process, the nose after removing the plaster is just the beginning of the path to acquire new contours. The photo of the rhinoplasty after the removal of the plaster will help to trace the subsequent transformation.

On a note! Don't expect instant results. Each body responds individually to the operation. There are no exact dates for rehabilitation. Each patient recovers on their own schedule. A positive attitude, optimism will help you to go through a difficult period without problems.

Rhinoplasty by month

Nose after rhinoplasty in one month

The nose normally responds to touch. On examination, the attending physician exerts significant pressure on the back and wings of the nose. Rhinoplasty in thirty days looks completely different, although the back and tip are still swollen. Rehabilitation after rhinoplasty in a month is still a big problem. The swelling and slightly altered width of the nose is a little uncomfortable, but it will certainly go away over time.

It's been a month since rhinoplasty - it's time to take another photo for a personal album. The nose after the rhinoplasty a month later still doesn't look perfect, the scar is gradually turning pale. By accurately following the instructions of the attending physician, the patient guarantees the correct formation of new nasal structures.

It is time to summarize the first results. Breathing has not yet fully recovered, no discomfort occurs during feeding. The result of the rhinoplasty in one month, if we compare the photo of the nose immediately after the operation and now, it looks good. The main thing is not to interrupt the prescribed procedures that stimulate the regeneration processes.

  • Rhinoplasty 2 months

    The visible swelling disappeared almost completely. The nose has already acquired clear contours, the base of the cartilage is gradually being fixed. It's time to take more pictures for your surgery album. You can do yoga, gradually increasing the load. The main thing is to keep an eye out for the flu or SARS. Observing the diet, the body's recovery processes are stimulated.

  • Rhinoplasty 3 months

    The result becomes more attractive, the swelling gradually disappears, the back is smoothed, the tip acquires clear contours. Be careful not to injure the septum. The recovery process proceeds normally, but it is necessary to provide constant support to the body, carrying out the prescribed procedures, taking medication complexes.

  • Rhinoplasty 4 months

    The consultation will ensure that the processes are going in the right direction, with no complications are expected. All unpleasant sensations must disappear completely. If you are concerned about something, be sure to contact your doctor.

  • Rhinoplasty 5 months

    The result is already clearly visible. The contours, the profile give the face a new look. It is time to enjoy new sensations. Even with minor problems, be sure to consult the clinic.

  • Six months after rhinoplasty

    An important period when the result of the operation is clearly visible. The time to evaluate the results of a plastic surgeon's surgical intervention. If recovery is delayed, it is time to see a doctor to change your rehabilitation strategy.

  • Rhinoplasty 10 months

    The swelling has completely disappeared. The moment when the consequences of the operation disappear completely. The result is evaluated. If there are any disabilities or complications, you need to talk to your doctor, discussing the possibility of correction or additional surgery.

  • Nose one year after rhinoplasty

    A normal way of life without any restrictions. A year passed after the rhinoplasty, the cartilage, the tissues recovered completely, forming new forms of nose. There is no longer any need to limit yourself to sports, baths, saunas, solariums or swimming pools.

Rhinoplasty a year later demonstrates the skill of a plastic surgeon. Correction of the methodology chosen by him. You can use any means of decorative cosmetics, visit beauty salons. The presence of small seals can only be noticed by a palpation specialist.

It is important to have a post-operative check-up at all stages. This will help you to respond quickly to emerging problems, adjust recovery methods.